Movie Critic – 27 Dresses

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Last week I watched the move 27 dresses, and I’d like to share my opinion. This romantic comedy was hilarious and had the underlying theme of the friend that’s always the bridesmaid and has never been the bride.

 The movie took place in modern dayNew York City. The main character Jane is notorious for being the maid of honour at all of her friends’ weddings. She goes to wedding fittings and cake bakery’s with them. Not only is her reality filled with wedding bells, but she fantasized about her wedding and reads the commitments in the New York Journal and saves her favourite articles. Her wedding skills are then put to the test when her sister announces her impromptu wedding with Jane’s boss in only 3 weeks.

 My two favourite romantic comedy actors star in this film – James Marsden and Katherine Heigl – and I cant say I was disappointed at all. Katherine’s perfect comedic timing completed James’ natural charm making this movie a true joy to watch. Judy Greer added more comedic influence and Jane’s sarcastic best friend. Co-stars included Malin Akerman as Jane’s lovingly shallow sister along with Edward Burns as the groom-to-be.

 Besides the story line of the movie – I’m a complete romantic comedy junky – the sets and the costumes were my favourite part. The absolutely outrageous scenes were so colourful and entertaining. The ongoing joke throughout the movie was that brides put their bridesmaids in the most ridiculous dresses, with the comment “the great part is, you can just shorten it and wear it again”. In her life Jane had been in 27 weddings – leaving her with 27 bridesmaids dresses. Each one with it own unique character behind. Seeing these completely crazy dresses and the weddings they went along with was very entertaining.

 Without revealing the ending to the movie, the moral this movie has is to trust your heart, and never let anyone – no matter who they are – take what you do for them for granted.

 The demographic for 27 dresses is definitely girls at any age. I watch this movie with my mom and younger sister and we all enjoyed it equally. I would recommend it to any girl that as a small love for romantic comedies because this was one my favourites. The MPAA rated this movie a PG -13. My final word on the movie – good.

If I was grading the movie I would give it a solid and well deserved A.

 Marissa Rait is a junior in high school. She is employed at BioPed which is a custom made orthotics company, where she works as the receptionist. She plays soccer in house league for fun. She also has a black belt in tae kwon doe and in her spare time she teaches a dance class. She in interested in sciences at schools, and enjoys having a good time with her friends.


Best Proposal Ever

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An average guy put this together to propose to his girlfriend. She was sitting in the theatre watching Fast Five with her brother, and this ‘trailer’ came on the big screen. At the end her boyfriend came in and proposed to her in front of a theatre full of strangers. So cute ! He made sure he got he fathers permission which was important.

Vancouver Pizza

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LOL ! All over British Columbia, when you drive by what used to be Boston Pizza, this is the sign you see. The whole franchise in BC has change their name to Vancouver pizza for the duration of the series. Clever.

Game 7

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Last night the Bruins beat the Canucks at home – scoring 4 goals in the first 10 minutes. Leaving the series tied 3-3. The two teams face off later this week at home in Vancouver. Go Canucks.

Crazy Cat Lady

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OMG! This lady is crazy, she posted a video that was supposed to appeal to batchelors on eHarmony, and I don’t think this time around she’s going to be very succesful. She has however become an instant internet start already having over 6.5 millon hits on this video. HA !

Culminating – Team Assignment

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Established 2011

The Shamrocks play in the NFL, Eastern Conference. They were previously the Pittsburg Steelers.

Star Players

QB –Dennis Dixon

 RB – Jonathan Dwyer

This is the first year for the team. The Tornadoes play out of the Irish Center (capacity,  75,000).

Video Assignment

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