Exam – OFSAA Logo

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment


1. Went onto ofssa.on.ca and copied the logo from the home page, and pasted into photo shop.

2. Used eyedropper took to pick one colour from the logo and make the entire logo that colour.

3. Used the eraser tool to remove the Trillium logo from the “O” in ofsaa, then used the Brush Tool to fill it it.

4. Used google images to find a soccer to add into the ‘O’, copy and pasted it and then used the Magnetic Lasso to encircle it to delete the background white colour around it.

5. Used the Line tool to make lines above and below the logo so that when drawing in the additional information it will be straight.

6. Used the brush tool to free hand draw in ‘2012’ and ‘GIRLS SOCCER’. Then deleted the lines made with the brush tool.

7. Pasted the OFSAA logo onto the page again so I could use the trillium from the original ‘O’ to add it beside ‘girls soccer’. Used the Paint tool to change the colour from red to the same blue as the logo. Used the Eyedropper tool to make sure it was the same colour.

8. Went onto google once again to find the soccer cleat to add the logo. I copy and pasted it. Then used the magnetic lasso tool to remove the background. Used the eyedropper tool to fill in the cleat and make sure it was all the same colour instead of shaded.

9. Saved it and uploaded to my blog. 🙂


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