Life Imitating Art?

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Pictures from the Royal Wedding resembling Disney? The picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day is almost an exact real life image of the cartoon Cinderella and her prince. As well as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenia having the exact same colour dresses as the Evil Step Sisters. Coincidence !


Green Men – NHL

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The green men have become one of my favourite parts of watching the NHL playoffs this year. They have had seats to all of the Vancouver Canucks games, right behind the opposing teams penalty box. They use different things to annoy the players in the penalty box by cheering for the Canucks and mocking them through the glass. At the game last night – where Vancouver ended the series beating the Nashville Predators 2-1 – the Green men were standing behind the penalty box while Mike Fisher was serving his penalty. They had a cardboard cut out of Carrie Underwood the famous country singer – , Fishers Wife wearing a Vancouver Canucks Jersey. They held the cut out up to the class for the entire time that Fisher was in the box. Hilarious! Go Canucks!

Social Networking

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There was a study conducted by the Cystic fibrosis Trust in the UK that determined that most people have twice as many friends online as they do in real life. This can be because people are more confident and more likely to share personal information over the internet than in a face to face conversation with someone. The social media is taking over, the survey said that more than 50% of teenagers use social networking sites daily (personally I think it’s more than that), and on average 16% of teenagers users the internet daily for homework purposes. The study also found that people who are isolated because of an illness or disease use social networking sites to stay in thought with family members and friends. There are definitely huge advantages to these technologies like students who are away at school to stay in touch with family, or family members living abroad, but it has become so much more than that. 

This is The Song That Never Ends

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Royal Wedding Mistake

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All the souvenirs made up for the Royal Wedding, it was inevitable that one mistake was going to be made. Who could have guessed that it would something is significant. Mugs were made as souvenirs for the wedding and were printed with the wrong prince ! Clearly, written at the top of the cup it says “Celebrating the marriage of Will & Kate” but they is a picture of Harry ! Whoops!

President Obama Roasts Donald Trump

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On Saturday night at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner Obama got up to the podium to make his speech and began to make fun of Donald Trump – who has been toying with the idea of running for president. Obama said that jokingly that he doesn’t how Trump deals with such difficult decision that he is faced with on Celebrity Apprentice, Trumps television show were celebrities compete for charity in business like competitions. “Those are the kinds of the decisions that would keep me up at night”, Obama says.

Royal Wedding

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On Friday April  29th over 2 billion tuned into the live television special of the Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day. It was a 4 hour long feed of everyone arriving at the church, the wedding ceremony of the first kiss on the balcony and Buckingham Palace. For coverage of the wedding an offical youtube page was set up with clips from the day.

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