Opinion: Dont Follow Your Dreams

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By the title of this article you would assume that the author is a pessimist, shooting people down from following their dreams. But after reading the article it is clear that he is doing the exact opposite. Harrison Solow talks about what it takes to accomplish what you want. “So, my advice to dreamers: Don’t follow your dream. Do what it takes to earn it. To achieve it. To be worthy of it.” He gives an example of a university student handing in an assignment where two pages were plagiarized. Being the university professor he gave this student a grade of zero, he then got in trouble from the university because the student should have been graded on the amount of work he wrote himself. This describes how the student would not really have earned his degree if he kept handing in work that he didn’t write, those who wrote it would have earned the degree for him. So, the moral of this article is to put work towards your dreams not just expect it to be achieved. Although I agree with post what Solow believes i disagree with telling children not to dream. If there is no dream there is noting to strive for. Dreams takes time and effort and with hard work they will eventually be accomplished.



Academy Awards – Kings Speech

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 This Sunday at the Academy Awards the Kings Speech was one of the big winners. This movie is the story of King George VI of Britain ( the father of Queen Elizabeth), and his impromptu ascension to the throne. He faces the speech impediment, the dreaded stammer, and has help from a speech therapist toe eventually overcome it. The movie has stars such as Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush. This weekend the King Speech went home with 4 Academy Award win; Actor in a Leading Role – Colin Firth, Directing  – Tom Hooper, Writing – David Seidler, and finally Best Picture.

9 Year Old – Lady Gaga Cover

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Maria, a 10-year-old girl posted a video on her fathers youtube channel of her singing a cover to Lady Gaga’s new song Born This Way. She has other videos from the Top 40 Hits and the Disney soundtracks. The reaction from her newest video was way bigger then her others, receiving over 1.5 million views. She recently appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and sang her cover. Lady Gaga also tweeted “This is why I like music. She is the future” about Maria. Gaga also asked Maria to appear at her concert tour in Toronto to sing Born This Way with her.

Wolverine Photoshop Assignment

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Fourth Period Buyout

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Potatoe Head :)

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Social Media Revolution

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After watching this video I am amazed at how much the world is dependant on media. It was always obvious that  the media had become a big part of the lives of many, but the fact that is reached over 200 millions users in less than a year is unbelievable. The amount of people on facebook is more than the third largest country in the world. The amount of web traffic on facebook triples the amount of that on google. We have become reliant on what happens in the media “we no longer search for the news, it finds us”. There are more people following Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears on facebook then there are living in Ireland, Sweden and Norway. There are over 60 million status updates on facebook each day. All of these mind blowing facts prove how much technology and the media has become a huge part in society.

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